Guiding Questions: What is an archive (see questions from syllabus)


Recall the recurring themes from our  Week One Lecture :

Theme One: To Compose is to Create
Theme Two: Creativity Always Builds on the Past

Theme Three: To “Remix” or “Mashup” is to Create, just as “Creativity Always Builds on the Past.”

Let’s continue with all three, beginning with the first.

I. To Compose is To Create

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II. To Remix is to Create, (Assignment Overview)

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III. Composing Processes and Tools



Step I: Explore, Contextualize

Step II: Define, Collect, Decide

Step III: Compose, Create, Remix

Step IV: Revise, Finalize


IV. Archival Research 

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III. Composing Processes and Tools

a. Research Methods at a Glance

b. Key Source Materials

c. Genre: Expository and Narrative

d. Archives

1. A Pictorial History of Commerce, Texas

2. The Human Element

 V. Conclusion

 Week 2 includes our first major move into our first major writing assignment: DMP #1. We'll get to know the archives together, develop more strategic research methods, and plan digital media projects that foreground the complexity of Northeast Texas. The week will include a viewing and discussion of the American Experience documentary (PBS) called A Class Apart (see Webliography), as well as an opportunity to try out and discuss your experiences with the video editing program Jaycut, the research tool Zotero, and the storage system Dropbox. 

  In Week 3 we will continue our work towards DMP #2, this time through a more systematic look at the various ways in which our work at local levels may be networked with others to create a new Portrait of America--one that embodies the 21st century ways that we have come to imagine ourselves and communicate that imagination. 

  Looking forward to some wonderful discussions and so much more!